Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Noble Pursuit

Every once and a while you discover something in the city that is both FREE and truly WORTHWHILE. This is one of those things: Nobledesktop. I've been telling all my designer/photographer friends about it, so naturally I decided I must mention it here.

Nobledesktop is a learning center offering an array of design-oriented multimedia classes and seminars. They have full pay-per multi-day classes, which I am absolutely sure are amazing, though I've only so far attended their free one-night seminars. Check them out at Their free seminars are always dead on, providing real-life tips and information on how to get started immediately on topics ranging from 'how to build an HTML email campaign' to 'the latest and hottest web technologies' to 'creating photo compositions/collages in Photoshop.' The lecturers who present the seminars are not only knowledgeable and engaging but also surprisingly entertaining. Frequent-seminar lecturer Dan Rodney, in particular, is always spot-on in managing to address a certain issue just before you raise your hand to ask that very question.

So if you are in the design/photography field (and have not already heard of them) definitely check them out and try one of their many free seminars. As for me, as soon as I can scrap together some extra cash I'm going to try one of their full courses, as I am sure it is worth every penny.

Nobledesktop is located right on Broadway in Soho, their address is: 594 Broadway, suite 1202.